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Olympic Farting

It's the newest sport taking the Winter Games by storm...

Now you can take us everywhere you go!
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is off to a killer first week and this video gem from the show is just one of the reasons why! - Dewey

Wow! Way to go all you Polar Plungers! This year 300 people took the plunge into the icy water at Sarg Hubbard Park Pond last Saturday... and all in all raised over $50,000 for the Special Olympians of Yakima! And by the way... JB's team"Leaping Lilly Pads" in honor of JB's Daughter Lilly... was lead by Bryan Frank of Frank's Tire Factory this year... was the top

Luke Bryan brought the heat to Greensboro, N.C. on Monday night (Feb. 17), and he partied so hard that he actually fell onstage, bringing a whole new meaning to his song ‘Crash My Party.’ The country star was in the middle of a rocking guitar solo when it happened. He made his way up and down the catwalk, jamming with his guitarist and captivating the crowd. But when he hopped