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Hey there, its JB. I want to thank you for listening in the afternoon...I have a beautiful wife and a 7 year old son and a baby girl who is 1.

In late June I was diagnosed with oral tongue cancer. I went to Seattle for surgery. The Doctors removed about 1/4 of my left tongue. The good news is that the pathology report  came back with Wide, Clean, Clear, Margins! More good news is that I didnt need Chemo as my cancer on my tongue and one lymph node was pretty small. However, I did need Radiation. I started my treatment for 5 weeks, monday through friday. The last day of my radiation was the day after Thanksgiving. My family and friends were there to greet me when I got out to my surprise....My doc in Seattle said that I am a survivor! I need check ups every 6 weeks for awhile, then 8 and so on...But things look good...Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. Me and my family really appreciate it!  I am the most blessed man...

Here's some stuff about me:

Most Prized Possession: Picture with George Strait

Hobbies: Camping, Fishing, Listening to music

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite TV shows: The Office, Amazing Race, Friday Night Lights

Favorite Country Artist/Band: George Strait, The Casting Crowns

Favorite Movie: Lonesome Dove ( I know its a mini series)

Favorite Sport To Watch: Baseball

Favorite Book: The Holy Bible

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Location : Seattle
People : George Strait