About Us
KXDD-FM is owned and operated by Ingstad Radio Washington, LLC.

17 N. 3rd St. #103
Yakima, Washington 98901

Phone:  (509) 248-2900

Email: kxddradio@gmail.com

Fax:    (509)  452-9661

Prize Pickup:
Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm

Studio Request Line:   (509) 452-1041

Radio Yakima is the market leader for managing compelling radio stations that get results for clients and advertisers.

For more info visit: www.yakimaradiogroup.com

If you want your message to be heard get in touch and we'll help your business succeed! 

Phone: (509) 248-2900

Laurie Hammermeister – Market Manager

Email: laurieh@yakimaradiogroup.com

Phone: 509-249-9609

Brad Chandler – Marketing Consultant

Email: bradc@yakimaradiogroup.com

Phone: 509-249-9613

Charlie Brooks – Marketing Consultant

Email: charliebrooks@yakimaradiogroup.com

Phone: 509-249-9603

Charlie Brown– Marketing Consultant

Email: cbrown@yakimaradiogroup.com

Phone: 509-249-9611